April 28, 2011

...Donations Recieved

A few days ago, April 26th, marked three months since Kristen and I arrived in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. It some ways it feels as though the time here has flown by, but it other ways, it feels as though I have been here for years. Its hard to believe that this time three months ago, I was settling in here with so many questions, no idea what these months could possibly bring. After my experience in Mexico, it seemed as though anything was possible. Coming here, I didn't know exactly how I would be spending my days or how I would be able to make it through financially. But thanks to the Good Lord above and all of my wonderful friends and family, everything has come together.  And here I am, over twelve weeks into the experience, stopping to take a moment and reflect on all that has happened during my time here.

But with unending thanks to many many people, I am able to be here in the Dominican Republic Without the generosity of people, it would not have been possible for me to be here. This is what my mind keeps returning to as I reflect on the past weeks-- the extreme generosity that has been shown by so many people--some of which I have never even met. I know that when these three months are over, and when I have completed a year of attempting to serve others in developing countries, what I think I'll remember most of all is the utter selflessness of people. Sometimes in people and places you'd least expect....

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